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Lesley-Anne has been with Primestaff since September 2015 and in this honest and insightful interview, she tells us about her career to date, how she has found herself within Construction Recruitment and how proud she is to say she works for Primestaff.

Describe your career to date…

I have worked for the likes of Howdens Joinery Co. and British Gas in sales roles, and they stood me in good stead to step into recruitment. From Howdens I moved to a recruitment as a Trainee Consultant. Initially I was in Office Services but I didn’t hit it off, I really wasn’t cut out for it! I knew that I wanted to be in recruitment but I just needed to find the right division!

That’s when I made the move to another agency as a Consultant in the Construction Division. This role gave me the platform to learn more about the industry as well as growing my confidence to enable me to make the move to Primestaff.

I have continued my work in the Construction Division as a Recruitment Consultant at Primestaff. Having worked here for a couple of years I am well settled and we are continuing to grow month on month. I work in the Edinburgh office and we have made a huge stamp in the market, both in terms of the number of temporary staff we have working for us and the reputation that we hold with our clients.

Without a doubt, moving to Primestaff has been my best career move! I can’t see me going anywhere soon!

Talk us through what you do on a normal day?

Mornings usually consist of checking that temps are where they should be! Once the ship is up and running, current clients need to be serviced to ensure that all is good and well, and to touch base in regards to any requirements. Time will be dedicated AM and PM to generating new business.

Throughout the day, bookings will come on board so job adverts will be posted on various media and contact will be made with candidates to fill the bookings. It goes without saying that the phone will ring with enquiries from candidates and clients. On the days that I am in the office it is full steam ahead. As the day comes to a halt, all problems/ issues/ enquiries/ booking are appropriately wrapped up and a plan in place for the following day!

I regularly head out on site visits and drop ins. In general I spend at least one full day out of the office each week. This involves making planned visits to get in front of our clients / prospective clients to discuss their requirements and to get to know them and their business.

How do you plan your days?

I stick to a basic weekly format. Then I break each day down into daily activities hour by hour. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this plan is stuck to religiously as one phone call can turn your day / week on its head and you need to rejig your plan! You need to allow an element of flexibility for any plan whilst still ensuring that you focus on core activities such as calls and visits.

What do you enjoy most about working at Primestaff?

The best thing for me is the approachability of all staff at all levels. There’s a sense that we are all equal, which is a brilliant quality for any business to have! It’s a quality that you just can’t buy, you either have it or you don’t!

Hands down Primestaff is the best company I have worked with over the years. Everyone gets on so well with each other and it’s a great working environment. There’s a lot of fun to be had when working here, be it with office banter or the various social events that we have.

We get the job done and there is no micro management or anyone breathing down your neck. Primestaff breeds success and this is all down to the work environment we are in.
I am proud to tell people that I work for the company. We are growing year on year and making a massive presence in Scotland, and now with the acquisition of Direct Workforce that presence will be UK wide!

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

Everyday can present a new challenge, from issues with timesheets to candidates who are no shows. No day is the same as the last. It’s all about evolving and learning from any challenges so that you can simplify the resolution process for any trials that you come up against.

We are in a candidate led market at the moment, so as you can imagine this can make it difficult to source available candidates. But that’s part and parcel of the role as a Recruitment Consultant!

What do you think are the most important skills needed to do your job?

Resilience and bounce-back ability go a long way! You get knock backs and let downs but you need to learn to simply brush yourself down and move on. There can be high pressured days, weeks or even months so you need to be able to deal with pressure well without blowing your top!

Organisation plays a massive part in recruitment. You need to be on the ball and keep on top of things. It’s a case of keeping the plates spinning at the same time and doing it well!
Building rapport and great communication skills are key. Personally, I find that this is made a lot easier with my cheeky banter. Clients and candidates warm to this making the job so much easier.

As well as the above I am passionate, driven, tenacious, honest, down to earth and approachable. For someone thinking about stepping into the recruitment sector I’d say it’s important to possess these characteristics.

What would you consider to be a good day in your role?

I thoroughly enjoy my work, it’s a bit cliché but every day is a good day ;)  So, I’d ask myself “what’s a great day?”…. A great day for me is when I can see my hard work unravel in front my eyes in the way of bringing on a new client. It’s a rewarding feeling, particularly if you have been knocking on their door for a long time.

What is the best tip you can think of to give someone wanting to do what you do?

Work smarter, not harder! Don’t be a busy fool! I’ve been that busy fool in the past so I know what I am talking about! In order to overcome this you need to focus on where you will make your gains and concentrate your energy and hard work on this. Don’t spend your time chasing your tail or stressing the little things, it’s a waste of time!

Getting into recruitment wasn’t something I had set out to do. It was more of a “recruitment found me” type of thing! Isn’t that the case with us all?!

- See more at: http://primestaff.co.uk/about/employee-lesley-anne/#sthash.0ljujHfq.dpuf

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