- A Day in the Life… Kelly Morgan

- A Day in the Life… Kelly Morgan

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Kelly Morgan has been with us since December 2015 and started out as a Trainee Driving Consultant. She moved over to our Construction division as Recruitment Consultants in 2017 after Primestaff’s acquisition of England based consultancy, Direct Workforce. Here she gives an account of her previous recruitment experience and how it compares to working at Primestaff UK.

Give us a bit of background about your journey so far…

When I finished school, I decided that I wanted to do an Apprenticeship and applied for a number of places. I secured one which was with a recruitment agency in Leeds and I learnt about payroll on the Industrial desk but mostly about resourcing plus other administration duties.

When I passed after a year, I was kept on as a temporary Resourcer and did this for another five months, but I wanted a new challenge – everyday was becoming the same and although it was ‘challenging’ as such, the challenges didn’t differ! I decided to move on and that’s when I came to Direct Workforce back in December 2015. I came to work on the Driving desk, which was a completely new sector and although I had worked in recruitment before and had a basic understanding about the market, moving desks – and companies – was completely different. Same duties still applied such as payroll and resourcing, but straight away I became so much more involved by speaking to clients, having face to face meetings, and actually speaking to Drivers. Previously I would resource candidates and pass them to someone else and never got to take this any further.

What was the first thing you noticed that was different?

As soon as I started, I realised how friendly and open everyone was. Everyone here is approachable and within reach, and you’re encouraged to speak up and ask questions if you need to. All of this was a complete culture shock for me, and in my first week I was invited out to the Leeds Christmas team meal. I was getting to know everyone already and there was a real sense of ‘team’ and inclusion.

What difficulties do you encounter?

There is a shortage of HGV Drivers out there, so we have to try our upmost to not only attract them, but retain them once they’re here. We can only do this by having a constant flow of clients and bookings coming in. Living in an ideal world, all of my Drivers would be placed in work and any bookings that come through would all get filled too, but this isn’t a dream world! It’s a constant juggling act trying to fill bookings, keeping my Driver happy by giving them work constantly and of course keeping the Client happy with continuous communication.

Looking at what you’ve achieved so far, what are your career plans or next objectives?

I feel very confident with my service skills now; I know my Drivers and my Clients, and feel I want to extend my knowledge and learn more about Sales. Although I wouldn’t say I am VERY confident at the moment, I have peers and colleagues here to support me in this and I am learning on Sales Days from my manager on how to approach new clients and how to talk openly about my specialism! I came to Direct as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant and my next mile-stone is to become a fully-fledged Recruitment Consultant! I spoke to our HR Advisor and went through the stages of the recruitment career path so it’s given me a real focus because I understand what needs to be achieved in order to make it to the next level.

What have been your highlights so far?

One major highlight since I have been here was completing the Hadrian’s Wall Challenge in June 2016. I never got the chance to participate in charity events and I couldn’t believe it when I found out it was open to everyone here and I signed up straight away. Although the challenge hurt, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT and I was so proud of myself for achieving this for Leeds based charity, Candlelighters.

What tips or advice would you give to someone considering Recruitment?

Well… it’s never boring! Two days are never the same, you’re constantly meeting different people but there is difficulty sometimes being the middle-man between candidate and client. If you want to succeed, you need to have tenacity. You can’t really be a shrinking violet because you need to be outgoing and confident in order to keep going, but when you get the results, it’s so rewarding!