Anti-Slavery Day: Stamp it out


Annually hosted by the Human Trafficking Foundation, Anti-Slavery Day provides an opportunity to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery. Yes, slavery really does still happen in today’s society and ignorance isn’t an excuse. 

As a labour provider, we have a duty of care to our candidates and as such, we believe it is so important to continue to raise awareness of modern slavery.

With so many high profile cases hitting the headlines over recent months, including Sajmon Brezinski sentenced to 8 years in June after admitting human trafficking, forced labour and fraud offences, and the Rooney family of 11 jailed in Lincolnshire in September for recruiting homeless men and people with learning disabilities to work and live in squalid conditions for up to 26 years, it is still clear that these shocking practices are still sadly happening in today’s modern society.

As we provide workers to food and agricultural companies, we are an accredited member of the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). We can provide information on how to spot the signs, how to report it if you suspect someone is a victim, if you suspect a perpetrator, or where you can get confidential advice. A modern slavery video is also available from Stronger Together which shows a number of examples of how slavery can occur in today’s society.

Please take a look; Don’t be naïve, ignorant or dismissive of modern slavery. Visit the Human Trafficking Foundation for further details.

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