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A Day in the Life… with Lesley-Anne Rumble

Posted on June 19th, 2017 in General

Lesley-Anne has been with Primestaff since September 2015 and in this honest and insightful interview, she tells us about her career to date, how she has found herself within Construction Recruitment and how proud she is to say she works for Primestaff.

Describe your career to date…

I have worked for the likes of Howdens Joinery Co. and British Gas in sales roles, and they stood me in good stead to step into recruitment. From Howdens I moved to a recruitment as a Trainee Consultant. Initially I was in Office Services but I didn’t hit it off, I really wasn’t cut out for it! I knew that I wanted to be in recruitment but I just needed to find the right division!

That’s when I made the move to another agency as a Consultant in the Construction Division. This role gave me the platform to learn more about the industry as well as growing my confidence to enable me to make the move to Primestaff.

I have continued my work in the Construction Division as a Recruitment Consultant at Primestaff. Having worked here for a couple of years I am well settled and we are continuing to grow month on month. I work in the Edinburgh office and we have made a huge stamp in the market, both in terms of the number of temporary staff we have working for us and the reputation that we hold with our clients.

Without a doubt, moving to Primestaff has been my best career move! I can’t see me going anywhere soon!

Talk us through what you do on a normal day?

Mornings usually consist of checking that temps are where they should be! Once the ship is up and running, current clients need to be serviced to ensure that all is good and well, and to touch base in regards to any requirements. Time will be dedicated AM and PM to generating new business.

Throughout the day, bookings will come on board so job adverts will be posted on various media and contact will be made with candidates to fill the bookings. It goes without saying that the phone will ring with enquiries from candidates and clients. On the days that I am in the office it is full steam ahead. As the day comes to a halt, all problems/ issues/ enquiries/ booking are appropriately wrapped up and a plan in place for the following day!

I regularly head out on site visits and drop ins. In general I spend at least one full day out of the office each week. This involves making planned visits to get in front of our clients / prospective clients to discuss their requirements and to get to know them and their business.

How do you plan your days?

I stick to a basic weekly format. Then I break each day down into daily activities hour by hour. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this plan is stuck to religiously as one phone call can turn your day / week on its head and you need to rejig your plan! You need to allow an element of flexibility for any plan whilst still ensuring that you focus on core activities such as calls and visits.

What do you enjoy most about working at Primestaff?

The best thing for me is the approachability of all staff at all levels. There’s a sense that we are all equal, which is a brilliant quality for any business to have! It’s a quality that you just can’t buy, you either have it or you don’t!

Hands down Primestaff is the best company I have worked with over the years. Everyone gets on so well with each other and it’s a great working environment. There’s a lot of fun to be had when working here, be it with office banter or the various social events that we have.

We get the job done and there is no micro management or anyone breathing down your neck. Primestaff breeds success and this is all down to the work environment we are in.
I am proud to tell people that I work for the company. We are growing year on year and making a massive presence in Scotland, and now with the acquisition of Direct Workforce that presence will be UK wide!

What challenges do you face on a daily basis?

Everyday can present a new challenge, from issues with timesheets to candidates who are no shows. No day is the same as the last. It’s all about evolving and learning from any challenges so that you can simplify the resolution process for any trials that you come up against.

We are in a candidate led market at the moment, so as you can imagine this can make it difficult to source available candidates. But that’s part and parcel of the role as a Recruitment Consultant!

What do you think are the most important skills needed to do your job?

Resilience and bounce-back ability go a long way! You get knock backs and let downs but you need to learn to simply brush yourself down and move on. There can be high pressured days, weeks or even months so you need to be able to deal with pressure well without blowing your top!

Organisation plays a massive part in recruitment. You need to be on the ball and keep on top of things. It’s a case of keeping the plates spinning at the same time and doing it well!
Building rapport and great communication skills are key. Personally, I find that this is made a lot easier with my cheeky banter. Clients and candidates warm to this making the job so much easier.

As well as the above I am passionate, driven, tenacious, honest, down to earth and approachable. For someone thinking about stepping into the recruitment sector I’d say it’s important to possess these characteristics.

What would you consider to be a good day in your role?

I thoroughly enjoy my work, it’s a bit cliché but every day is a good day ;)  So, I’d ask myself “what’s a great day?”…. A great day for me is when I can see my hard work unravel in front my eyes in the way of bringing on a new client. It’s a rewarding feeling, particularly if you have been knocking on their door for a long time.

What is the best tip you can think of to give someone wanting to do what you do?

Work smarter, not harder! Don’t be a busy fool! I’ve been that busy fool in the past so I know what I am talking about! In order to overcome this you need to focus on where you will make your gains and concentrate your energy and hard work on this. Don’t spend your time chasing your tail or stressing the little things, it’s a waste of time!

Getting into recruitment wasn’t something I had set out to do. It was more of a “recruitment found me” type of thing! Isn’t that the case with us all?!

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Common Misconceptions of Recruitment: What our clients have to say…

Posted on May 31st, 2017 in General

We would like to dispute a few myths about recruitment. In March this year, we asked some of our existing clients to complete an online survey and using factual findings from the feedback, we tackle some of these misconceptions here.


#1 “Recruitment agencies don’t understand our business or our market”… 92% of our clients said we do! 

A common misconception; recruitment agencies don’t and won’t ever understand your business because we don’t work alongside you, on the ‘inside’. Our knowledge of the recruitment market, specifically within your sector, means we are in touch with many other companies and can offer consultative advice based on our past experiences and findings.

In our latest client survey 92% of respondents marked either 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 when asked to rate our understanding of their business needs. We have happy clients because we take the time to fully understand their business, their needs and continually work in partnership from the offset.


#2 “Recruitment agencies are too expensive for what they do” … 83% of our clients said we’re value for money! 


Unfortunately for us, many individuals who have not used an agency before are unaware of the work we carry out behind the scenes and the steps we take in order to meet the needs of both our clients and candidates.

In our latest client survey 83% of respondents marked either 8, 9 or 10 when asked to rate our recruitment services when considering specifically the cost. We make ourselves available 24/7 and by taking on the entire recruitment process: we save you money and valuable time.

How much money are you potentially losing from not having a flexible or fully staffed and productive workforce? How much time are you spending away from your day job trying to find the right candidate/s for your business? We can provide a full run-down of the recruitment process we carry out for you if required.


#3 “Recruitment agencies don’t deliver what they promise”… 97% of our clients said we have!

As a one-stop-shop for recruitment, we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver results and meet expectations through an approach built on honesty and integrity.

We don’t over promise; when you’re happy, we’re happy and if there is something we cannot deliver, we simply say it! In our latest client survey, 97% of respondents answered ‘Yes’ when asked if we had met their expectations from our very first meeting.


#4 “Recruitment agencies just supply poor quality workers”… Our clients are happy with our candidates!

As we get to know your business, we grasp what is required from candidates to ensure they fit right in to your workplace and hit the ground running. In our latest client survey,
three-quarters of respondents marked either 8, 9 or 10 when asked to rate the quality of our candidates we had supplied to them.

We listen to your feedback regarding our candidates that we supply and also carry out candidate care calls to heighten reliability.


#5 “Recruitment agencies are all the same”… Our clients say we’re better than the rest!

In our latest client survey, three-quarters of respondents said we were ‘better’ than other agencies that they have used in the past. In addition, over a quarter of
the clients that participated in the survey said they had come to us via a recommendation.

We are proud of the service we deliver to clients and candidates. If you would like to learn more or discuss how we can aid your business, please get in touch today.

*These figures are based on feedback provided by Primestaff clients in March 2017.

Our magnificent seven are Kiltwalk Heroes and raise over £1,330 for charity!

Posted on May 2nd, 2017 in General

Each and every one of our magnificent seven crossed the Kiltwalk finish line in Glasgow on Sunday (30th April) after trekking the 23.3 mile ‘Mighty Stride’ in aid of their individually chosen charities.

Sean McPolin, Matthew Bowater, Chris Keay, Hayley Henretty and Yasmin Sweeney of Primestaff as well as Kelly Morgan and Faye Grist of Direct Workforce were all delighted to complete the challenge in under 9 hours.

Encouraging each other from start to finish despite their incredibly sore feet, aching limbs and blisters, it was a show of true team spirit throughout.

More than 7,200 people took part in the annual event in Glasgow, which is the biggest ever Royal Bank of Scotland Kiltwalk to date. The event is on course to raise a staggering £1 million for charities across the country.

Event participation cost just £32 per person, paid by each participant; which contributes to event organisation and the Kiltwalk charity. The STV Children’s Appeal distributes it to projects helping children all over Scotland. Our team then set up additional sponsor pages for their own individual charities and so far, the team have collectively raised over £1,330.

Primestaff funding gives charities a boost

With Primestaff’s charity match-funding scheme, each team member is eligible to claim £100 on top of funds raised, taking the total up to an amazing £2,030!

You can still support their charities!

Sean’s chose to fund raise for the Beatson Hospital Cancer Charity, Matthew continued to raise money for STV Children’s Appeal, Hayley for The Star Project in Paisley, Yasmin for the British Lung Foundation, and both Kelly and Faye children’s cancer charity, Candlelighters. Our team members are still open to sponsorship, which can be via online donation via their sponsor page links listed.

Fantastic team work, well done to all and congratulations!

Pictured (L to R) Kelly Morgan, Hayley Henretty, Faye Grist, Sean McPolin, Matthew Bowater, Yasmin Sweeney and Chris Keay.

Primestaff promotes finance chief Antonio Vezza to managing director

Posted on February 23rd, 2017 in General

More exciting news!

Below is our latest article in the Daily Record.

Expanding Glasgow-based recruitment consultancy creates new role for key player in last year’s partial management buy-out

Expanding recruitment consultancy Primestaff has promoted its finance chief to the newly-created role of managing director as it prepares for further growth.

The move is a further step up for Antonio Vezza, who together with Primestaff founder and chief executive Danny McIntyre put together last year’s partial management buy-out of the Glasgow-based consultancy.

As part of that restructuring in July, finance director Vezza and construction director Michael Docherty joined the board of directors.

Turnover at Primestaff, which also recently invested in new premises in Glasgow and Edinburgh, is set to hit £20m following December’s acquisition of Direct Workforce. This comes on the heels of a near-doubling of revenues during the five years to April 2016.

Direct Workforce provides temporary and permanent staff in the logistics and industrial markets, primarily in the north of England. The combined operation provides approximately 1,500 temporary staff to 300 clients.

Primestaff’s turnover for the year to April 2016 hit a record £11m, with gross profit up by 22 per cent on the previous year to exceed £2m.

Figures for the current year – which will include only a partial contribution from Direct Workforce – are expected to show further progress.

Vezza said this performance is particularly impressive in a sector with high levels of business failures.

“Bringing Direct Workforce into the group massively increases our opportunities for growth through expansion into other industries and further developing the existing client base across more locations across the UK,” Vezza said. “We are in a great position.”

The company has plans for rapid expansion in Edinburgh in 2017. McIntyre said Vezza’s promotion will allow Primestaff to continue on its “impressive trajectory”.

“He has been a fantastic hire from the beginning and he is at the very heart of our success,” said McIntyre, who set up Primestaff in 1993.

“This move will allow him to continue his strategic approach to growth and to identify opportunities for the group.”

Primestaff acquires Direct Workforce from Bibby Line Group

Posted on December 21st, 2016 in General

Primestaff, the leading Scottish recruitment consultancy, has today announced the acquisition of Direct Workforce, a subsidiary of the Bibby Line Group. 

The deal to acquire Direct Workforce, which has an established track record for providing high quality temporary and permanent staff in the logistics and industrial markets – mainly in the north of England, will see joint turnover exceed £20m.

The combined business will continue to offer Direct Workforce’s clients the current high quality levels of service while supporting them with great staff across all levels in their businesses. The newly expanded Primestaff group will provide almost 1500 temporary staff to 300 clients, as well as an annual introduction of more than 200 permanent staff across a broad range of sectors.

It is the latest in a series of expansion announcements by Primestaff in 2016, a year which saw its own management buyout and a new board established, annual turnover pass the £11m mark and investment in new premises in both in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Primestaff Chief Executive Danny McIntyre said: “We are delighted to announce this acquisition and welcome the Direct Workforce team to Primestaff. We know they are a very family-orientated business and that offers an immediate synergy with Primestaff and our own company values.

“As market leader in recruitment across a range of industries in Scotland, the opportunity to team up with Direct Workforce to expand our offer into the north of England with an established player is one we didn’t want to miss. It’s a real statement of intent from Primestaff, one that shows we are serious about growth.

“Everyone at Primestaff warmly welcomes the team at Direct Workforce, who we will support fully through this transition. With our experience in management of change, we will not only ensure seamless continuity of service to Direct Workforce’s clients, but also enhance the service offering.”

Established by Danny McIntyre in 1993, Primestaff has since built one of the most experienced, dedicated and motivated recruitment teams in the marketplace, with a reputation for providing a professional and personal service across a number of specialist sectors.

Mike Brown, Chairman of Bibby Distribution Limited commented: “As part of a diverse and forward looking family business, we recognise that in a challenging and competitive market, economies of scale and a wide ranging offer are necessary essentials for long term, sustainable growth. By combining Direct Workforce’s operations, people and expertise in England with Primestaff’s business in Scotland our clients will continue to receive a high quality, personal service for years to come.”

Janine Hipkiss, MD of Direct Workforce, added: “We believe that this acquisition will give the business the best opportunity to grow further, enhancing our strengths in client service and staff development. We’re delighted with Primestaff’s view of the business as an important strategic platform for expansion into England, and that they recognise both our technical expertise and the quality of our people. With the combined experience of both companies and a strong collaboration our shared future vision of expansion is well within reach. Both businesses share the same core values – honesty, integrity and doing the right thing by our people, which is crucial in succeeding in a highly competitive and ever changing industry”

Primestaff gives businesses the opportunity to source the most appropriate staff for each and every assignment, providing expert recruitment solutions to a wide and diverse client portfolio and developing client relationships based on integrity, trust and loyalty. Led by Danny McIntyre, its board comprises operations director Carol Conlin, industrial director Sean McPolin, finance director Antonio Vezza and construction director Michael Docherty.

The firm supports a number of local charitable causes while, earlier this year, Primestaff also announced a new strategic partnership with one of Scotland’s two professional rugby teams, Glasgow Warriors.

Welcome Back

Posted on November 14th, 2016 in General

We are delighted to announce that Liz Houston has returned to Primestaff as Commercial Business Development Manager.

After a break from recruitment, working part time and raising her three children, Holly, Finlay and Charley, Liz has decided that the time is right to return to her career.

Liz Houston

” I’m very excited to be working again with Danny, Carol, Ainslie and all the team. Especially with the significant growth and expansion plans within Primestaff, including their new headquarters at Blythswood Square and recent partnership with the Glasgow Warriors rugby team “.

Welcome back Liz!

Primestaff targets growth after management buyout

Posted on July 11th, 2016 in General

Exciting times ahead for us at Primestaff!  

Below is a snippet from the article in the Herald, but we’ve included links to the Scotsman & Recruitment International – happy reading!

GLASGOW-based recruitment company Primestaff has changed hands after a management buyout led by finance director Tony Vezza.

And the company declared it now has the leadership in place to drive turnover to £20 million by 2020, having made profits in excess of £2m on £11m of turnover in its most recent financial year.

The buyout has resulted in Mr Vezza join the board of Prime Staff alongside founder and chief executive Danny McIntyre, operations director Carol Conlin and industrial director Sean McPolin. Construction director Michael Docherty has also joined the board.

The value of the deal was not disclosed. However the latest annual return for Prime Staff, lodged at Companies House in June 27 lists Mr Vezza, Mr McIntyre, Ms Conlin and Christine McIntyre as the biggest shareholders with 200 ordinary shares each.

Mr McIntyre said: “The MBO puts the company in a great position. They are the right team to take the business forward. Their expertise is across a number of sectors and makes the business more flexible.

“The success of Primestaff is all down to identifying the right people with the same work ethic and ideals, whether it’s on the board, the people who work for us or those we find for our many clients.”

The changes at Primestaff, which operates across a range of sectors, come shortly after the company moved its Glasgow office to Blythswood Square, where 30 staff are based. It also has offices in Paisley and Edinburgh, and plans to open in Dundee and the Borders over the course of the next year.

Mr McIntyre said: “The move to new, bigger offices underlines our commitment to growing the business in a sustainable and successful manner.

“Our new offices maintain our presence in the heart of Glasgow city centre, providing easy access for our clients and staff. These recent moves show how ambitious we are. Like all companies, we faced a difficult time in the recession but we have come out the other side stronger and more profitable than ever before.”

Primestaff join the Warriors

Posted on June 10th, 2016 in General

Glasgow Warriors today announced a new addition to the Scotstoun family for next season, with recruitment specialists Primestaff joining as an official partner of the club. Primestaff have become an official partner of the club

Warriors players Alex Dunbar and Rory Clegg, along with Scottish Rugby commercial operations manager Al Kellock, joined Primestaff chief executive Danny McIntyre at the company’s new Blythswood Square premises to celebrate the deal.

Primestaff, established in 1993 and based in Glasgow with 30 staff, has become the fastest growing recruitment consultancy in the country and sees the Warriors as the perfect fit as both parties target further success.

Primestaff chief executive Danny McIntyre said: “Glasgow Warriors is a great example of an organisation with clear vision, with the right values and with a relentless determination to succeed. They are an absolutely perfect brand to align Primestaff to, and we are very honoured to have agreed this partnership and begin an exciting journey together.

“The Warriors have enjoyed great success in recent years which can act as an inspiration to our people to achieve greater things themselves and help Primestaff move up to the next level. We may be new to the rugby sector but we really like the strong community and family values and think the Warriors provide a great platform for us to showcase our business.”

Primestaff join a strong list of Glasgow Warriors’ sponsors, partners and business club members, led by main sponsor BT Sport and official kit supplier Macron – and Al Kellock was delighted to add to that list.

He said: “Glasgow Warriors already enjoy excellent partnerships with so many great companies and to add Primestaff to that list is fantastic.

“They are a Glasgow-based business in a new central location and it’s particularly pleasing to be bringing new people into rugby who see equal value in what happens on the pitch as what happens off it.

“On behalf of everyone at Glasgow Warriors I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Danny and everyone at Primestaff and I’m confident that we can work well together and enjoy success in our respective fields in the year ahead.”

Primestaff saves Christmas!

Posted on December 1st, 2015 in General

T’was the month before Christmas and all over Glasgow, businesses were preparing for the busiest time of year.
Decorations were hung and staff holidays booked, with everyone feeling the Christmas cheer.
But for one Glasgow shop, disaster had struck:
their Santa had taken ill and they were all out of luck.
Just as well Primestaff were there to save the day,
supplying a new Santa last minute to occupy the sleigh.

Who doesn’t love a cheesy parody of a classic Christmas poem at this time of year?

Perhaps a bit of explanation is needed in order to justify our title: it’s true, we really did save Christmas! Let us explain…

When a large Glasgow department store was left without a Santa last minute, threatening closure of their grotto and a ruined Christmas for children across the city, Primestaff stepped in at the eleventh hour to provide a suitably qualified and jolly Santa for the store, saving Christmas for everyone!

Unfortunately for this blog post, not all of our recruitment success stories sound like the plot-line of a classic family Christmas film. Providing bar staff for a busy city centre restaurant may not have the same selling power in Hollywood as our Santa story, but you’d be hard pushed to find a Santa (or parent) who wouldn’t appreciate a hot toddy after a long day at the workshop (or shopping centre!)

primestaff ChristmasWith all the holiday socialising, it’s no surprise that business booms in the Hospitality industry over the festive period like no other time of year. Premises are busier and opening hours extended, meaning that more staff are required to help deal with demand. Here’s where Primestaff steps in, ensuring that your business is well equipped to make the most of the peak trading period. We can assist with all your staffing needs, providing Santas to Sous Chefs, bar and catering staff and everything in between. We like to go above and beyond for our clients and consider no request too challenging. A disclosure qualified Santa lookalike the day before the big event? No problem! We provide high quality candidates throughout Scotland over the duration of the festive season, including Christmas Day and Hogmanay.

As the big day creeps up on us all, don’t let a lack of staff ruin your celebrations. Take some stress off of your Christmas ‘to-do list’ and let Primestaff provide your business with reliable and highly qualified candidates, giving you a bit more time to raise a glass to another great year.


Primestaff: Bucking the Trend

Posted on November 2nd, 2015 in General

It takes a special kind of person to succeed in the fast paced and highly competitive world of recruitment.  In fact, according to the REC, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, the average length of service in the recruitment industry is a mere 2.9 years. Imagine our delight then, in saying that here at Primestaff our average is an impressive 8 years, with many staff having served much longer and some even having celebrated their ‘sweet sixteenths’ with us! We are of course referring to professional birthdays, as much as our staff would like you to believe otherwise…

So just what is our secret to recruiting la crème de la crème of the recruitment world and keeping them with us to blow out their candles year after year? Well, here at Primestaff we like to think that we do things a little differently in order to stand out from the crowd. ‘Boring’ does not feature in our vocabulary!

AdminOur story began a whole 23 years ago with the big boss Danny McIntyre whose passion and dedication has made Primestaff the company it is today. Over the years Danny has built up a team of like-minded and ambitious folk who share his ideals of what Primestaff
should be, as well as his fondness for the occasional celebration. Our staff really are the core of our business and we truly believe that happy staff provide the best results in business. We think entrepreneur Richard Branson summed it up pretty well when he said:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

At Primestaff we like to live by this motto; Branson has, and he’s done alright for himself!

As well as being a great company to work for in terms of professional development, we like to think that we’re a great fun bunch and this is part of what makes us different. Take one glance at our Facebook feed and you’ll see that it’s not all hard work and no play in our office. Between staff bonding trips to Dublin, supporting team members’ achievements in and out of the workplace and not forgetting the famous Primestaff parties, it’s not hard to see why our staff love working here. We aim to create a working environment in which our staff feel valued, respected and above all happy in their jobs. Just take a look at the cheesy grins on our staff members’ faces to see how much they love Primestaff!


So here’s to bucking trends of low staff retention averages, here’s to all of our incredibly hard working staff and here’s to another 23 years of recruitment excellence (and to lots of parties)!