How agency candidates help you hire better and faster


Research carried out by Lever has shown that agency candidates are more than five times efficient as applicants. Here’s why…

Recruitment software company, Lever, has carried out a benchmarking study which analysed the hiring process of nearly 600 companies. The report focused on businesses with less than 200 employee starts and analysed 12 months of data from the companies and 1.5 million candidate considerations.

The extensive research found that it takes:

- 128 applicants to make one successful hire;
- 64 sourced candidates to make one successful hire;
- 25 agency candidates to make one successful hire.

That’s more than 5 times as efficient

The findings show that agency candidates are more than 5 times as efficient as applications. The key is to focus on improving applicant quality, so you don’t necessarily need to reduce your focus on applicants altogether.

If you’re looking for applicants yourself, job descriptions are good to filter candidates out at the start, but if the description is too broad, you can get a lot of applications which will make it much harder to decipher the good from the poor.

How do we do it then?

We attract our agency candidates by finding out about your business which includes culture and mission, the role you’re recruiting for, it’s specifics, candidate requirements and the results expected. We use a variety of platforms to attract applications and will be selective about where we advertise depending on the position. Applications are then filtered, candidates pre-screened and short-listed.

Once we’re engaging with a short-listed candidate, it’s important to find out their motivations. Why are they looking to move? It could be they’re looking to broaden their skill-set, or looking for a company that can offer career advancement opportunities. Once we have all this information and we believe they’re a fit for your requirements, only then are they are put forward, hence why our candidates are 5 times more likely to become a successful hire.

Save time, money and get the best results

Not having much luck with your own applicants? If you would like assistance with a role you’re currently recruiting for, please get in touch with a member of our team today for a no obligation discussion on 0141 248 4711.

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