Common Misconceptions of Recruitment: What our clients have to say…


We would like to dispute a few myths about recruitment. In March this year, we asked some of our existing clients to complete an online survey and using factual findings from the feedback, we tackle some of these misconceptions here.


#1 “Recruitment agencies don’t understand our business or our market”… 92% of our clients said we do! 

A common misconception; recruitment agencies don’t and won’t ever understand your business because we don’t work alongside you, on the ‘inside’. Our knowledge of the recruitment market, specifically within your sector, means we are in touch with many other companies and can offer consultative advice based on our past experiences and findings.

In our latest client survey 92% of respondents marked either 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 when asked to rate our understanding of their business needs. We have happy clients because we take the time to fully understand their business, their needs and continually work in partnership from the offset.


#2 “Recruitment agencies are too expensive for what they do” … 83% of our clients said we’re value for money! 


Unfortunately for us, many individuals who have not used an agency before are unaware of the work we carry out behind the scenes and the steps we take in order to meet the needs of both our clients and candidates.

In our latest client survey 83% of respondents marked either 8, 9 or 10 when asked to rate our recruitment services when considering specifically the cost. We make ourselves available 24/7 and by taking on the entire recruitment process: we save you money and valuable time.

How much money are you potentially losing from not having a flexible or fully staffed and productive workforce? How much time are you spending away from your day job trying to find the right candidate/s for your business? We can provide a full run-down of the recruitment process we carry out for you if required.


#3 “Recruitment agencies don’t deliver what they promise”… 97% of our clients said we have!

As a one-stop-shop for recruitment, we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver results and meet expectations through an approach built on honesty and integrity.

We don’t over promise; when you’re happy, we’re happy and if there is something we cannot deliver, we simply say it! In our latest client survey, 97% of respondents answered ‘Yes’ when asked if we had met their expectations from our very first meeting.


#4 “Recruitment agencies just supply poor quality workers”… Our clients are happy with our candidates!

As we get to know your business, we grasp what is required from candidates to ensure they fit right in to your workplace and hit the ground running. In our latest client survey,
three-quarters of respondents marked either 8, 9 or 10 when asked to rate the quality of our candidates we had supplied to them.

We listen to your feedback regarding our candidates that we supply and also carry out candidate care calls to heighten reliability.


#5 “Recruitment agencies are all the same”… Our clients say we’re better than the rest!

In our latest client survey, three-quarters of respondents said we were ‘better’ than other agencies that they have used in the past. In addition, over a quarter of
the clients that participated in the survey said they had come to us via a recommendation.

We are proud of the service we deliver to clients and candidates. If you would like to learn more or discuss how we can aid your business, please get in touch today.

*These figures are based on feedback provided by Primestaff clients in March 2017.

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