Winter is coming…


Will you be ready to cope with seasonal demand? Or do you need to rally the troops?

We’re firing through Autumn already, which means Winter is coming faster than you realise.

It is our duty to ensure that you won’t hit a wall when your business experiences an increase in demand and Stark requests. You will be able to crow with delight when you’re operating as smooth as ice and as hot as fire with a back-up of our honourable troops.

Don’t throw your composure to the wolves… Plan ahead, prepare early.


House Commercial; Do you require Administrators to manage more orders? Call us on 0141 248 4711 now to plan ahead! Or email us on


House Industrial; Do you require extra packers to package the goods? Call us on 0141 248 4711 now to plan ahead! Or email us on


House Hospitality; Do you require extra staff to cover your events? Call us on 0141 248 4711 now to plan ahead! Or email us on

Not what you are currently looking for? We offer both temporary and permanent staffing solutions to Socialcare & Housing, Construction, Technical & Engineering, as well as Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality. If you have any other requirements you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to call us on 0141 248 4711.

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