Fraser McLean on the 4-day working week

Insider recently had a chat with our industrial director, Fraser McLean, about his opinion on a four-day work week.

“On the plus side, it could prove a powerful motivational tool for employers who could offer staff an additional day off,” Fraser said. “For employees, it may help with the work/life balance and allow them to spend more time with their families. There will also be benefits to the environment with workers commuting one day fewer.

“On the flip side, however, it would likely require staff to work longer days to ensure they meet their contractual requirements and maintain salary levels. That could affect productivity, with workers needing more breaks and getting increasingly tired.”

There would also be additional organisational demands on employers, with many workers likely to request a Friday or Monday off to extend their weekend,” Fraser said.

“Rotas would need to be juggled to ensure customers aren’t the ones to suffer,” Fraser suggested. “So a four-day working week, while appealing on the surface, would likely also throw up many logistical problems.”

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