Primestaff supports Lisa’s Gift annual fund-raiser

A charity which helps disadvantaged children in Renfrewshire to take part in school trips and clubs held their annual Ladies Afternoon fund-raising event yesterday.

Lisa’s Gift was set up in 2014 by the family of student, Lisa Moran, who was tragically knocked down by a bus while out jogging near the University of North Carolina campus in May 2008. Lisa, who was from Paisley, was on a six-month exchange as part of her third year studies for a law and business degree at Glasgow University at the time of the accident. Lisa would have celebrated her 30th birthday this year on 22 November.

Her parents, Carolyn and Fraser, established the charity in the hope of providing other young people the same opportunities that their daughter made full use of, helping children to take part in trips that they may otherwise be unable to afford.

Carol Conlin, Primestaff Operations Director, is a friend of the family and has attended each one of their annual events since the charity was established. Eager to support the cause again, we donated £150 shopping vouchers to the raffle and snapped up two tables at the event, where we were able to invite colleagues, clients and our Commercial ‘Supertemp’, Anne who were all proud to support Lisa’s Gift and had a wonderful afternoon together.

In just three years, Lisa’s Gift has contributed more than £35,000 to assist over 334 children in schools throughout Renfrewshire. The funding has helped with a wide range of activities from the setup of breakfast clubs to the provision of school uniforms, footwear, warm winter coats, as well as assistance in a variety of school excursions.

To find more about the charity, please visit the Lisa’s Gift Facebook page.

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